Porsche: The World’s First to Offer Braided Carbon Wheel

Porsche: The World’s First to Offer Braided Carbon Wheel

Fri 10, Nov 2017

Composite materials are continuously making a mark in the automotive industry. Automakers are exploring ways to curtail vehicle weight to stay in line with the regulatory requirement. The new one in the series is by Porsche, which has become the world’s first vehicle manufacturer to offer lightweight wheels with braided carbon fiber. The wheels are available now as an option for the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The innovative wheels, weighing around 8.5 kilograms, are 20 per cent lighter as well as stronger than the standard alloy wheels. Having the reduced unsprung weight, the tyres trail the road surface better and are perfectly optimised for absorbing longitudinal and lateral forces. Because of the lower rotation masses, there is more spontaneity both in acceleration and braking. This results in increased driving dynamics and driving pleasure.

Porsche is the first company to use this extremely complex technology. Braiding makes composite parts stronger, damage tolerant, and stiffer. The technology is relatively easy to use and produces parts at a lower cost with superior performance. Furthermore, low VOC emission and minimal scrap rate are augmenting the technology’s adoption rate in the various industries.

The industrywide application of braided composites is on the rise. According to a new report from Stratview Research, the Global Braided Composites Market is expected to reach US$ 382.5 million in 2022. Increasing production rates of the next-generation aircraft, such as A350XWB; increasing production of luxury and hybrid vehicles; increasing demand for lightweight parts with the purpose to enhance fuel efficiency or to reduce carbon emissions; rising concern over reducing VOC emissions; and an excellent performance of braided parts are the key factors propelling the demand for braided composites.

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