Solvay to Start Producing PEKK Resin in the US for Aerospace Industry

Chemical major Solvay is set to start producing high-performance Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) polymers in the United States early next year to bolster its composite materials business to meet the incremental needs of aerospace ind..


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The Global stint of Lightweighting vehicles, making them Greener, and foreshadow..

A process that not only caters to weight reduction but also aims at curtailing emissions

Modern day automotive manufacturers (OEM) are obsessed with improvising the currently applied designing and component ..


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Dual Clutch Transmission and Continuous Variable Transmission Expected to Regist..


An automotive transmission system is a mechanism that delivers optimum torque to the drive train from the vehicle’s engine. It is one of the automotive systems that makes the vehicle more comfortable, sa..


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Composite Leaf Springs Poised to Grow at the Fastest Rate in the Leaf Springs Ma..


A leaf spring is an arc shaped structure that is used for suspension in wheeled vehicles. Leaf springs are attached directly to the frame at both ends or at one end. Mostly the front end is attached to the leaf..


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Penetration for Turbochargers in Gasoline Powered Vehicles to Increase in Future..


Turbocharging is a key technology employed by automakers to boost the power of an engine and to address the issues of fuel efficiency and emission reduction while maintaining vehicle performance. Turbochargers..


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